Rental Faq :-

Q.What do rentals include?

Answer.Please see our Policies section for a complete list of what is included in your motorcycle rental.

Q. Do I need a motorcycle endorsement to rent from Street Eagle?

Answer.Yes, a valid driver’s license with motorcycle endorsement needs to be presented at time of rental.

Q.What is the minimum age to rent a motorcycle from Street Eagle?

Answer.All renters must be at least 21 years of age on the date of the rental.

Q.Do I need additional insurance?

Answer.Your Street Eagle rental provide primary liability and physical damage insurance at the state-mandated minimum limits. Renters have the option to purchase Collision Damage Waivers (CDW) to reduce deductibles and lower rental deposit requirements. Please see or Policies Section for complete details. Additional coverage differs by location.

Q.Does my personal insurance cover me on a rental motorcycle?

Answer.Whether or not your current motorcycle insurance policy will cover you on a rental motorcycle varies by company. We encourage you to check with your insurance agent to determine the perimeters of your individual policy. We do of course provide the mandatory minimum liability insurance limits as part of your Street Eagle motorcycle rental.

Q.Are the motorcycles routinely inspected?

Answer.Yes. Street Eagle motorcycles are maintained to manufacturers' specifications and inspected prior to and immediately after each rental.

Q.Is it mandatory to wear a helmet when renting?

Answer.Yes, renters and passengers are required to wear a DOT approved helmet when leaving our premises. Your Street Eagle customer service person will gladly provide you and your passenger with a helmet at no additional cost.

Q.Can I bring my own helmet?

Answer.Yes, provided it is a DOT approved helmet.

Q.Do you rent leather and, if so, what kind do you rent?

Answer.Yes, many Street Eagle locations offer leather jackets, gloves, chaps, etc. for a small daily rental charge. Pricing varies by location.

Q.Can I rent a motorcycle other than a Harley-Davidson?

Answer.Yes, individual Street Eagle locations offer a variety of motorcycle brands and models from which to choose. Check individual store locations for listings of available motorcycles.

Q.Are rental prices standard at all locations?

Answer.No, rental rates are set by owners/operators at each individual location. You will find the same great selection and flexibility of rental options whether you wish to ride for an hour, daily, weekly or longer.

Q.Do all rental locations have the same hours of operation?

Answer.No, each Street Eagle location sets its own hours of operation and is committed to trying to accommodate our customers' schedules whenever possible.

Q.Do all locations offer the same makes and models of motorcycles to select from to rent?

Answer.Each individual Street Eagle location offers its own selection of late model, well-maintained motorcycles.

Q.Does Street Eagle sell its rental motorcycles?

Answer.Yes, talk to your local Street Eagle customer service person or call us at 800-717-7970.

Q.Can I buy Street Eagle clothing & apparel items?

Answer.Yes, ask your Street Eagle customer service person for details.

Q.Does Street Eagle offer gift certificates?

Answer.Yes, you may purchase gift certificates for any dollar amount. Gift certificates can only be used from the location they were purchased from.

Q.Is there a place to store my luggage during the rental period?

Answer.Yes, each location offers safe and secure storage of your luggage and personal items during your rental.

Q.What happens if the motorcycle has mechanical issues?

Answer.24 hour Roadside Assistance is offered at every Street Eagle location.

Q.Will you deliver my rental bike? If so, is there a cost?

Answer.Bike delivery varies by location. Typically a pick up is available if you are within 5 miles of the Street Eagle location.

Q.Does Street Eagle offer one-way motorcycle rentals?

Answer.Yes, Street Eagle offers one-way rentals on a case-by-case basis with sufficient time for planning. Please note that a one-way charge will apply.

Q.Is the rental period based on a calendar day or rental day?

Answer.Rentals are based upon a 24-hour period from time of rental.

Q.Do you rent rain suits?

Answer.Rain suits can be purchased as some locations and are not available for rent.

Q.Can I ride my Street Eagle motorcycle in Mexico or Canada?

Answer.Yes. If you plan on taking your motorcycle into Mexico you will have to purchase Mexican Liability Insurance before entering Mexico. Riding in Canada requires no special provision.

Q.What is your gasoline policy?

Answer.It is the renter's responsibility to ensure that the motorcycle is returned with the same amount of gasoline it was checked out with. Vehicles returned with a less than the check out amount of gasoline are subject to a refueling charge. At some locations renters may also pre-pay for gasoline, allowing them to return the gas tank empty. All motorcycles require premium unleaded gasoline.

Q.Can renters pick up a motorcycle at one location and return it to another location?

Answer.No, motorcycles must be returned to the pick up location, unless rented for a scheduled one-way.

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