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Have you ever thought of your bike as your only mode of transportation? You wouldn't be alone! But it's worth considering your options. Personally I love the freedom of commuting by motorcycle. It never takes very long to get anywhere, parking is rarely an issue, your riding skills stay sharp, and at business cocktail parties there's never a loss for conversation topics! are some things to think about:


  1. The work wardrobe verses the bike. Think about this...normal attire for bike riding is usually leather or jeans, right? When was the last time your boss wore leather pants to work? Or jeans for that matter. Hence, I now have a closet full of high-top sturdy shoes with nice grippy soles, lots of sturdy pants and even more jeans. I haven't been asked to don the cover of GQ lately but now the wardrobe works and I still do too!


  1. Parking! Parking structures bring their own set of problems. Most of the ones I park in have a little octagonal sign posted nearby that says "No Motorcycles or pedestrians allowed." What gives? Don't they want my business -- don't I pay a monthly or hourly fee just like car owners? The theory behind those "No Motorcycles" signs is that the manufacturers and parking companies don't want bikers or pedestrians to sue if they get whacked in the head with the traffic control bars. Solution, I walk further but can usually find outside parking.


  1. In a word...Weather. The old joke about the weather -- "if you wait 10 minutes, it'll change!" is my mantra to ride by. But to be safe I check the weather report to decide whether or not to pack my rain-suit, to determine the range of the day's temperatures so I know which weight of blue jeans to wear, and to plan the route of travel.


  1. You thought weather was worrisome...think Flat Tire! Flat tires are easy to feel on motorcycles. The second the air starts to leak out you know you're in trouble! The front or back-end starts to wobble and you start looking around for the best stopping place. Sometimes, air leaks out slowly enough to make it to a shop for a plug patch. But if not, have a very good cell phone and an even better friend to call. It's time to call in a favor!


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