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Motorcycles for Women

Women riders is the only demographic that grew last year! We found that the motorcycles women love to ride are as varied as the women who are riding them. However, the numbers do show some interesting trends. Many women prefer the quick agility of sport bikes, versus the lower, heavier cruisers, used primarily for touring at high speeds.

Motorcycle dealers are noticing a recent trend in the direction of sport bikes too. The reasons for purchasing the sport bikes varied, but the majority of women buyers seem to be emphasizing speed, light weight, and overall look, along with comfort and fit.

The best information comes from speaking directly to experienced women riders. In the past women would do whatever it took to ride the model they wanted including cutting out seat padding, lowering bikes, or extending the handlebars. Women were willing to modify the motorcycle of their dreams to get the right fit. But now they have many more choices. With a little research women can find manufactures exclusively building bikes for women.

Street Eagle salutes women riders! We offer a wide range of motorcycles that women enjoy. Check out our testimony pages for pictures and experiences of many happy female renters.

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