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Riding a Motorcycle Safely

We know it’s tempting to just jump on that bike and take off, but your safety must always come first! Here are some tips to make your motorcycle adventure fun and safe!


  1. Motorcycle riding means that you take full responsibility for your own safety. A motorcycle rider can never be as "safe" as if they were in a car. Learn to anticipate the mistakes of other people on the road. Anticipating mistakes and reacting with the right behavior is key to your survival. You'll have to work for your own safety!


  1. Sharing the road with cars. The big difference between driving a car and riding a motorcycle is that in cars, the secondary safety is enormous (the car is a sort of safety cocoon around you), while on a motorcycle, the safety is almost entirely in your own hands. Sometimes motorcycle riders fail to see the other vehicles. In about 1/3 of accidents motorcycle riders and car drivers failed to account for visual obstructions and engaged in faulty traffic strategies.


  1. Make sure your motorcycle is working properly. It shouldn't give you nasty surprises when you are underway! Verify the brake pads aren't worn out, the lights are working, and the tire pressure is right. Street Eagle inspects its bikes after every rental. We recommend you inspect your bike after every long ride as well.


  1. Keep yourself in good shape:
    eat in time (especially important on a long trip!)
    drink in time (especially important in hot weather)
    observe whether you are (too) tired
    keep yourself comfortable (dry, not too hot, not too cold)
    forget about all your everyday or not so everyday problems


  1. To brake is not the adequate strategy in every situation. Sometimes it is better to swerve around the obstacle. It's important to do one thing at a time: either brake or swerve. If you have to do both, first brake to loose speed, let go of the brakes, and then swerve.


  1. Another way to increase your own safety is to realize that you are responsible to maintain space around you. You may use that space to have room to brake, to swerve, or just as extra time to decide what to do.


Street Eagle is determined to keep you as safe as we possibility can but when you leave our lot the responsibility becomes yours.

We want your repeat business so PLEASE travel safely!

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