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Harley-Davidson, the Life and Times of an American Motorcycle

Founded in Milwaukee, Wisconsin during the first decade of the 20th Century, it was one of two major American manufacturers to survive the Great Depression.  The company sells motorcycles designed for cruising on the highway.  Harley-Davidson motorcycles (popularly known as "Harleys" or "Hogs") have a distinctive design.  The company's ability for customization gave rise to the popular chopper style motorcycles.


Travel back in history with me:

In 1903, Bill Harley and Arthur Walter Davidson developed a one-cylinder motorcycle.  It was a reliable and some even thought beautiful cycle.  But sometthing truly amazing happened...someone bought it!!  So in 1905, they had made 11 motorcycles, in 1908 a whopping 154 and before they knew it...they had a company!  They did all this in a little wooden barn that was built by Davidson's father.


1910 brought the legendary "Bar and Shield" logo that was placed on their motorcycle.  And to this day it's ecome the defining symbol of Harley-Davidson.  But what sustained Harley's notoriety is their ability to take numerous first place winnings in races, endurence contests and hill climbs.


In the fifties, Harley survived a bad period.  The British owned 40% of the motorcycle market with their Triumph  In 1957 fortunately the Sportster was born, the fast Harley ever.  A great success just when they needed it most!!  Like the English  motorcycle industry, Harley stuck to its technique, style and character which accounts for its popularity over many, many years.


The Harley-Davidson success story goes on and on which is why the Street Eagle affiliate stores proudly offer many of the bike styles.  They are the preferred motorcyle rental across the United States.


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